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What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is a form of digital marketing in which whenever you generate a sale from your referral, you get some commission from online retailers.

Or simplifying in a more easy way it means to promote someone else’s product.

Whenever you join an affiliate program they give you a link of the product that you have to promote or the product you chose to promote.

So now whenever buys the product through your link you get some amount of commission for that sale and hence this way affiliate marketers earn millions by just promoting and bringing sales.

affiliate marketing for beginners

affiliate marketing

Tip – 1

Guys by doing affiliate marketing or promoting your product don’t mean you will get lots of money within a day or you’ll become rich.

Everything needs some time to get established and create your own brand.

You can earn a lot of money but you have to be serious about your work and it requires some patience and hard work to get results.

So stop running after the money hype as you have just entered the market and you have things to learn before you become the top brand.

Focus on developing your skills and knowledge and you will be leading the market in no time so focus on the right mindset.

Tip – 2

So after you learned the basic things you have to focus on the right market and make a plan to promote your brand on the target audience.

The only way to earn through affiliate marketing is when someone buys a product through your affiliate link.

So it is a must to follow the audience which is looking for the product you are selling.

The main thing in affiliate marketing is to set up your website and write about the product on that website.

Then after doing proper SEO rank your post and put it in front of the hungry audience which is looking for a solution so as to solve their problems and your product will fulfill that which in turn will generate tons of money for you.


Find products on which you love to write or in which your passion lies.

It is important to follow your passion and write about it as when you write about the product you should have a clear cut knowledge about the product and should provide a trustable and worthy product to your customers as it will generate trust and long time passive income for you.

Everyone nowadays is looking for a specialist who can solve their problems and is related to that only as everyone trusts those easily and believe them.

So it will definitely generate some great leads for your products and will open long term passive income.

Affiliate marketing in Amazon

Affiliate marketing in Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest brands in the world and hence it has its own affiliate platform for affiliate marketing.

It is the world’s largest retailer in the fields of both selling both digital products as well as physical products.

The name of their affiliate group is Amazon associates and you can easily get approval from them.

Just all you need is a website so as to promote the products and get the approval as it is completely free to become an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon provides commission ranging from 1% to 10% which will depend on your product’s category.

Earning through amazon associates is not a much big deal no matter whatever your niche is.

Amazon has a room for every niche whether small or big, all you have to do is promote your product wisely and you will be generating some great leads.

You just have to follow some of their policies and work through them and get some traffic on your sites through which you can earn money in no time.

Affiliate marketing in Flipkart

Affiliate marketing in flipkart

Established in 2007, Flipkart is also one of India’s leading online platforms for selling digital and physical products which were developed by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal who are both alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi.

Just like Amazon signing up for Flipkart is also a really simple process and hence anyone can sign up for the affiliate program.

There is no confirmation required about your blogs or website to join Flipkart affiliate as they don’t care if you have a website or not.

Affiliate marketing through Clickbank

affiliate marketing through clickbank

Click bank is also a great online platform which provides affiliation for the people and similarly like amazon it is really easy to apply for clickbank affiliate.

Clickbank provides large commissions as compared to facebook and amazon.

The commission even goes to 70 – 80% also. So do check this website also for some good commissions.

Similarly there are many more websites for affiliate marketing like shareasale, green geeks etc.

Why become an affiliate marketer

earn money through affiliate marketing

1.Work from home

The best part of affiliate marketing is that you can work from home instead of going to the office with that regular 9 to 5 job.

You will receive commissions for each product you sell and all will directly come to your account without much hassle.

This is a job which you can do without even getting up from your bed wearing pajamas or shorts, just do the work your way

2.flexibility and convenience

As you are the only one doing the work, you get the complete control over the work and have your independence in setting up the goals and helps you redirect your path.

You have your niche product to sell and can set it up according to your knowledge and work.

3. Doing Seo and unleashing the potential of SEO

By doing proper SEO, you bring your website or product on a greater platform where a ton of organic traffic can come to your website from the search engines.

If you have nice content and a good website to show your viewers, you will be earning tons of money that too on a passive style so no need to worry every day for the same.

Once it set up on the 1st page it will be generating leads.


Nearly every business requires a large or huge start-up fee for the products to sell.

However, there’s a different case in affiliate marketing.

It can be done with a low cost or investment, which means you can start quickly that too without much hassle.

There are no affiliate programs that charge you fees or the worry of creating your own product.

5.Passive income

Normal jobs require the person to be at work and make money accordingly whereas in affiliate marketing you get the ability to make money even the time you sleep as it has the power to generate money 24/7.

It requires one-time hard work and then you can sit back and relax with some minimum work and watch your money grow in no time.

Even if you are not present physically, your skills will be generating you a steady flow of money.

6. Rewards are performance-based

While in a regular job, you can even work for 90 hours a week and will still earn the same salary whereas in affiliate marketing everything is based on your performance.

If you put 2 hours a day you will receive that much progress and growth. It is all about how much you put in it as it will get back.

You will be paid for all the hard work you do and the more hard work you do, the more you will be earning.

Best ways to earn through affiliate marketing


Remember about what we told you about the benefits of doing proper SEO.

Well with blogging you will be eligible to rank organically in the search engines and increase seller’s conversions for your brand or product.

2.Social media Websites

Nowadays everyone is active on social media websites – be it Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, youtube, etc.

Most activities are searched and watched on social media websites rather than googling stuff as everyone is providing content on social media that you will be updated without searching for the thing on search engine sites.

Even you can earn money from youtube by uploading videos about reviewing the product and then providing your affiliate link in the video or the description through which you will earn whenever someone buys from that link.

3.Email lists

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods and do-follow method for everyone who wants their viewers to stay with them for a very long time.

Even some affiliates have lists of email through which they promote the products and generate large amount of regular traffic to their website.

Nearly everyone doing blogging or affiliate marketing maintains an email list that they get by running many campaigns and then send the emails regarding their products.

4. Influencers

As most of the population is active online on social media networks, Influencers are gaining huge fame and name and becoming really popular.

You might have heard about this word online or by someone.

So Influencers are those who have a lot of people following them and listen to their advices or suggestions.

An influencer is one who has the power of impacting a large audience for purchasing decisions as they have a lot of audience following them and listening to them

Nowadays many influencers are being called for promotions due to the rise in popularity among people.

So basically affiliate marketing is best for those who want to control their lives and work their way without any pressure or word from their above as they are the only head.

With the flexibility of doing work at any time or at any place, this work is really comfortable and beneficial for those who are serious in their lives.

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