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The Internet is an ocean of money without limits. That’s where vast financial streams circulate and accumulate in the pockets of people who are smart enough to funnel traffic to their sites with the help of SEO tools.

These days, competition online is getting harder, so ranking high is a critical part of any web business strategy, regardless of what your business actually does.

The only way to do this is to optimize your site to meet the requirements of Google, Yahoo, or other search engines. A high ranking and reaching the top 10 of the search results list is only possible through white hat optimization.

SEO tools have become one of the main weapons in the search marketing arsenal. There is no question whether to use SEO software or not. And while skills and knowledge are extremely important, equipment is also high on the priority list.

There are so many SEO tools and software packages that just looking at them can take days, if not weeks. So how do you choose the right tool that will deliver the results, helping you get the job done faster, and making your investment pay off?

Ask yourself these 7 simple questions. The answers will help you make an informed decision and choose the right SEO tools for your optimization needs.

Things to consider when choosing SEO tools:

5 best seo tools
  1. How many people will use the tools?

The thing is, different SEO tools and services have different licensing options. If there will only be one person using the tools, you can opt for a single person license.

If you want to equip a group of people, you will need to provide each one with a license. Many software vendors have flexible licensing options that allow you to get multi-user licenses at a good discount.

  1. Where will the tools be used?

Will you be using the tools only on your office PC or do you intend to work with them at home, on your laptop when traveling, etc.?

Some tools are licensed per computer, others per person, which means you can install them on multiple machines, since you only work on one at a time.

  1. Will all SEO work be done by one person or not?

If you only have one SEO expert who will handle the entire optimization campaign, you can go for an all-in-one SEO package.

However, if you have an in-house team of several members who specialize in different aspects of SEO (for eg. one person does keyword research, another is responsible for link building, etc.), you will be better off with task-specific SEO tools.

  1. Do you need customer reports?

If you do SEO for your own website yourself, you really don’t need advanced reporting features with pretty charts and attractive graphics.

However, if you provide SEO services or intend to start doing this in the future, you should pay close attention to the reporting features of the tools – what formats do they support, can you bookmark and customize the reports, etc.

  1. Is the project ongoing or do you need the tools for a specified period of time?

Some SEO tools are subscription based, others are sold for at a one-time payment. When you know the time frame of your project, it is easier for you to choose the correct subscription period.

  1. What goals do you want to achieve with the tools?

It is important to remember that ranking at the top of your keywords is not the end goal. As you don’t need search engine rankings instead you need visitors, subscribers, customers, and sales to grow your business.

It’s important to clearly set your goals up front so you can tell if the tools you’ve purchased are really propelling you towards your goals, or do you need to try something else.

  1. How will you measure success?

In order to estimate the value of your SEO tools or subscription service, you must decide how you will measure success in it. There can be several success metrics such as: rankings, traffic, conversions, ROI, etc.

If you managed to discover some really lucrative keywords but failed to get good rankings for them, that means you have a good keyword tool but you need to search for a better link building tool.

It is important to generate success metrics before you start using any SEO tool, so that you can measure your productivity and assess how your SEO tools help you increase your efficiency and if it is worth the investment which you made.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start evaluating SEO tools. I hope these tips help you make the right choice and find the right tools for your needs.

So Here is 5 best seo tools that will help you to rank high on google:-

Google Adwords Keyword Planner:-

keyword planner

This tool works to strengthen your local SEO keywords. During the keyword research phase, you can identify specific keyword traffic, as well as find new local keywords based on local searches.

The Keyword Planner tool even allows you to conduct research based on geographic regions. Not only is it a useful tool for your local SEO keyword efforts, it’s free to boot and possibly one of the most useful free SEO tools available as well.


Ahrefs can help you with your local SEO strategy as it provides a detailed backlink profile for any website you want.

This allows you to see who is linking to your site, what anchor text they are using for backlinks, and how strong their backlinks are. It also allows you to check the strength of your competitor’s backlinks. The tool is used by thousands of users around the world

Google Analytics:-

Well another tool from google which is must to use so as to monitor your website and to look for the insights of your website.

Analytics is a powerful and affordable SEO tool. This type of tool can analyze how your page is performing based on the keywords you are using

Moz local

Moz local is a tool which works with data aggregators to help drive listings, making sure your business is visible.

Also, the tool will scan your citations and notify you of any errors it finds that could be damaging your local SEO.

Moz Local will give you an overview of the type of categories you are included in and the type of media that is used for your citation.

Seo powersuite

SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that allows you to cover all aspects of website optimization.

It consists of four SEO tools to accomplish all SEO tasks. WebSite Auditor is a great help to create spectacular content for your website. Analyze your top 10 online competitors and come up with a foolproof plan based on the best optimization practices in your niche.

Rank Tracker is great for monitoring your website rankings and generating the most productive words to click on. SEO SpyGlass is powerful SEO software for backlink checking and analysis.

This is the only SEO tool that allows you to discover up to 50,000 backlinks per website and generate reports with a ready-to-use website optimization strategy.

And the last and most advanced in this row is LinkAssistant. It is a powerful and feature-rich SEO tool for link building and management that takes on the main aspects of off-page optimization.

SEO is incredibly important to the success of your online marketing efforts, because of this, many marketers implement various SEO tools, including local SEO tools, some of which can be found for free, to track, measure and analyze your SEO efforts.

You may already be using some of the more common SEO tools, like Google Analytics. However, it is important that you don’t forget about your local SEO efforts as well.

By using these local SEO tools, you will find it easier to implement local SEO strategies, as well as track them and measure performance, which will help ensure that your local SEO efforts are as robust as possible.

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